The clown is a naive child in a misbehaving world full of suprises.

She is an innocent: spontaneous, curious and perpetually amazed. She speaks directly to the audience and by mirroring our own fears and aspirations helps us to laugh at ourselves.

This workshop mixes the past traditons of circus clowns and silent movies with the principles of present day practitioners such as Philippe Gaulier to explore the possibilities of clowning in a post modern universe!

Participants learn:

  • Having fun how to have fun and show it!
  • Clown character how to build a physical clown character
  • Clown hierarchy status, comedy and traditional circus clowns
  • Slapstick comedy trips, falls, stage fighting, chases and much, much more....
  • Problems & routines building clown routines by finding problems and sticking to them
  • Contact with audience how to make and keep contact with an audience
Click here for a video about how to build up a clown routine by sticking with a simple problem.
"In the end,
everything is a gag."

Charlie Chaplin